Metagraphics MetaWINDOW Overview


Metagraphics MetaWINDOW™ is a high performance graphics programming toolkit that combines speed, functionality, quality and support into an integrated graphics development system.  Designed for developers programming OEM, embedded and real-time applications, MetaWINDOW provides a powerful suite of drawing functions, top-rated performance, and direct runtime support for virtually every popular graphics card and chipset available.  MetaWINDOW turns the promise and power of computer graphics into reality.

MetaWINDOW provides all the capabilities of low level compiler graphic libraries, plus much, much more! Off-screen memory bitmaps, hardcopy output, keyboard and mouse event services, automatic cursor tracking and flexible bitmap text are basic features of MetaWINDOW. MetaWINDOW also includes scalable vector text, hit detection, rounded-corner rectangles, dynamic font facing, marker plotting, polyfill rules, dash styles, line caps and more. For high-end power applications, MetaWINDOW adds even more advanced capabilities for arbitrary-shape region clipping, region computation and drawing, variable size fill patterns, enlarged colored cursors, PostScript style drawing pens, international fonts, plus even more.

Benchmarked as one the fastest PC graphics toolkit in the world, MetaWINDOW defines the meaning of high performance graphics. Optimized entirely in assembly language for fast, tight code, MetaWINDOW executes over 2 to 8 times faster than other graphic libraries.

MetaWINDOW provides uncompromising “pixel perfect” drawing quality and accuracy, fully retraceable drawing and clipping of all graphic elements and text, plus perfect alignment and edge meshing of all objects. MetaWINDOW has been honored with PC Tech Journal'sProduct of the Month” award for excellance in design, and is one of the most powerful graphic programming tools available for application developers.

MetaWINDOW provides total direct support for virtually every mode of HGA, CGA, EGA, VGA and SuperVGA available - up to 1280x1024 - monochrome, 16-color and 256-color. Over 300+ graphic cards and display modes are supported directly by MetaWINDOW. MetaWINDOW tools also support full VESA standards, insuring compatibility with future graphics technology. Add-on companion products, MetACCEL and MetHICOLOR, expand support even further for hardware accelerated SuperVGA's, such as from Diamond Multimedia and ATI, plus 16 bit per pixel “high-color” SuperVGA's with up to 65,536 simultaneous colors.



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